Should You Replace Your Roof During Winter?

October 2021 by Heartland Roofing Siding and Windows

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Living in Minnesota, means that you must prepare your home for the cold winter season. The year-round roofing service can be beneficial to keep your roof in good condition. Getting a roofing contractor to check on your roof during the cold season, can ensure that everything is in good condition. However, roofing services during the winter season can be more difficult than any other time of the year because of the following reasons:

  1. It’s too cold outside: Most people argue that the weather is too cold outside for the roof to be replaced. However, it does not really mean that no work can be done on your roof. Quite literally, the roof does not care and neither does the staff doing the installation. Just call in the contractor and you will be amazed that the cold outside will not bother them. After all, they will be working from indoors.
  2. The snow on the roof is too much: People worry that the snow on the roof can be too much to have any work done of the roof. Shoveling the snow off a roof is not that much of a big deal. The roofing contractor will take only about an hour to remove the snow and get the work started. Being professional, they will use their experience to ensure safety and provide the best service possible.

Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Roof During Winter

There is clearly no big reason why you should not have your roof replaced during winter. In fact, this is still a good time to ensure your roofing is in shape. If you are still having doubts, here are four reasons why you should consider replacing your roof during the cold season:

  1. Ice Dams Cause Leaks: Living here in Minnesota, the winter season will test your roof and home in significant ways. The dreaded ice dams are a common cause of leaks. The ice dams are formed over the eaves of the house as the snow melts and runs down the roof, then refreeze at the edge. If the ice dams are causing your roof to leak, it could be a great time to redo your roof and fix it properly.
  2. Faster Roof Installation Service: The roofing contractors are usually not as busy during winter. Therefore, contracting Heartland Roofing Siding and Windows to redo your roof during winter means the work will be completed faster. If you hold off until the 500warmer period, the process will likely take longer.
  3. Bad Roofs Become Worse During Winter: If your roof was bad before winter, it will only get worse when the winter hits. This means repairing it during spring will likely cost you more. Instead of waiting for the worst, just give a roofing contractor a call and get them fixing those bad areas.
  4. Save Money during the Slowed Time of the Year: As mentioned earlier, the winter season is the slowest for roofing contractors. You will likely get a better discount during this period and have the re-roofing process completed faster.

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