Should You Get A Roof Repair or A Patch?

August 2021 by Heartland Roofing Siding and Windows

Roof Repair

If your roof has been damaged, you are probably wondering whether to get it repaired or patched. While the two options may offer you the solution that you want, some situations will demand a roof repair while others will only need a patch. Understanding the differences between the two can help you make a better decision.

When is Roof Repair Appropriate?
A roof repair refers to any type of repair on your roof, including fixing leaks, wear and tear, and damages. You can either replace the entire roof or repair specific components. On one hand, roof replacement is done when the majority of the roof shows damage. You can consider replacing your roof at 20 years old or younger if it has already started showing damage or after a natural disaster such as strong winds or a hurricane.

A roof repair may be needed when the majority of your roof is in good condition, and leaks are present only in certain parts. A repair is also ideal when only a tile is damaged or a part of the roof needs replacement. However, it is important to maintain your roof regularly to reduce the risk of damage.

When to Get a Roof Patch
A roof patch simply means fixing a small part of your roof or replacing a few shingles. In other words, rood patches are small and convenient repairs for small damages on your roof. You may either patch the roof or replace your shingles.

When patching up a leaking or damaged section of the roof, make sure you identify any underlying damage to other parts of the roof. Once complete, patching may also affect other sections of the roof not repaired. Therefore, choose materials and shingles that match the materials of your existing roof. Although you may not achieve a 100% match on the colors, the patch should fit seamlessly.

Sometimes, you need to replace one or several shingles to repair a leak. In such cases, the roof expert will examine your roof and identify the extent of the damage in shingles. This will then be used as a basis for the replacement and ensuring it fits well.

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