Don’t Be Fooled by a Bad Roofing Job

November 2019 by Heartland Roofing Siding and Windows

dont be fooled by bad roofing job

Noticed a pesky roof leak or water stains on your walls and ceiling right after having work done on your roof? Well, it would be disappointing to hear, but you might be dealing with the consequences of a bad roofing job.

    Upon having a professional property evaluation, you find out that your fear has become a reality, and you have been fooled by a bad roofing job, which will now require re-repair of your roof and thousands of dollars as well.

    However, if you wish to steer clear of such unfortunate conditions, then it’s essential to make yourself familiar with the signs of a bad roofing job, so you don’t end up paying thousands for issues like future roof damage or roof leaks.

    • Appearance/uniformity problems (include roof aging differently in different parts, missing or cracked    shingles and presence of stains indicating leakage)

    • Structural issues (include roof decking, hardware issues, drip edges and flashing and underlayment and are not as easy to spot like appearance issues)

    Here is what you should be looking for;

    Inspect if drip edge flashing is missing

    Installation of a drip edge (a flashing material) is mandatory at the edges of your roof and is a requirement of roofing shingles. A drip edge works to prevent water damage and protects your house from pest infestation that usually begins in the attic.

    Although crucial for the functionality of a roof, a homeowner may never know if his roof has a drip edge or not. Leaks and moisture concerns are usually how this complaint is spotted.

    The roof does not have a uniform appearance

    Ideally, a roof must look uniform throughout, and an uneven appearance is the most straightforward sign of bad roofing job to spot. However, most people do not take an adequate look at their roofs and trust the roofing contractors completely, which turns out to be a mistake many times. Here are some points you must pay attention to while doing a visual roofing inspection from time to time.

    • Are there any sagging roof lines?
    • Do you notice some asphalt shingles different in color?
    • Do you see shingles missing?
    • Do you see stained shingles?
    • Does one section of your roof appear different from the rest in terms of material nature?

    This inspection will help you find out issues as if the contractor installed a different material on one part of the roof because they ran out of your chosen material.

    Pay attention to roof decking

    If you wish to replace your roof, then you must make sure that the roofing contractor strips off the previously installed material before adding the new one in place.

    A thorough tear-off allows roofers to look for any decking problems. Rotted plywood cannot hold nails and shingles in place. So, if you don’t pay attention to the matter and get the roof job completed with a roof deck that is moist and is generally in bad shape, it won’t take long to break.

    Hardware Issues

    A home’s roof is about more than just shingles. Roofing requires the correct hardware, including flashing, drip edges, vents, nails, and underlayment plus decking with different hardware needing different nail types to ensure a uniform, healthy, and leak-proof roofing system.

    Using the wrong nail size, nailing the shingles too low, and spacing too far will all cause leaks and probably dislodged shingles in case of high winds or next storm. Though checking the hardware is not easy like other potential issues but is nonetheless vital.

    Absence of underlayment

    Without underlayment (a vital part of roof structure), you will have no barrier in between the shingles and the sheathing that will block water and moisture. A quote way lower than quotes by licensed professionals often means that the contractor is not going to install an underlayment.

    If you witness your roof deteriorating faster after a repair or installation, it can be a sign that there is no underlayment.

    How to avoid unprincipled roofing contractors

    You will have many options regarding the selection of a roofing contractor. However, many of them will be reputable, but many will also cut corners to save money and do a poor job. Therefore, it is necessary to do research and find a company that will do the best job for you.

    Here are the essential things to look for in a roofing contractor:

    License and registration

    Your preferred roofer has a license issued by the Department of Professional Regulation.


    The contractor has ample experience in dealing with all types of roofing materials.


    Always make sure that your preferred contractor has insurance with general business liability, property protection, and clearly specified limit and minimum coverage.


    It is vital for an excellent job that your contractor understands what you want from them and for your roof work and frequently updates you with the status of the situation.


    You must check around and see what your prospective contractor’s former clients have to say about their work.

    You can also ask for references from your friends and neighbors that who they chose for replacing their roof and if they are satisfied with their contractors regarding the above qualifications.

    Suspect signs of a bad roofing job?

    Over the years, our company has assisted many clients who have had to face different roof issues due to their previous contractor’s substandard work. But worry not Heartland Roofing, Siding and Windows can fix all these issues for you. If you doubt a bad roofing job, we will do a detailed systematic inspection of damage due to a bad roofing job and get to the bottom of any matter that might come up.

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