Can I Ignore Hail Damage To My Roof?

July 2022 by Heartland Roofing Siding and Windows


If a major storm affects your area, it can wreak havoc on your property, including your roof. It’s extremely important not to ignore your roof after a storm has passed since there are many serious problems that can result after it has been exposed to inclement weather.
Read on to learn what can happen if roof damage goes ignored after a storm, and what you can do to ensure that your roof is protected.

Hail Storms And Your Roof
Hail occurs when cold air and drops of water in the atmosphere meet, causing small balls of ice to form and hit the ground. When it comes to your roof, hail is one of the most common causes of serious damage.

The scope of hail damage to your roof can include things like loose or broken shingles. The impact of heavy hail can cause the shingles to become dislodged or loosened, or it may even cause them to break off completely.

As soon as a shingle comes loose, it damages the seal between the shingle and the roof. Once that seal is broken, water can easily leak into your home.

Damaged shingles are also a common cause of mold growth and mildew. Once the mold or algae penetrates your roof, it can easily infiltrate your home, causing health problems and other issues.

Don’t ignore roof damage after a hail storm. If you do, you may experience drafts, difficulty keeping your home insulated, mold growth, or a leaking roof.

Check your gutters after a hail storm and look for signs of loose granules. The tiny granules will build up in the gutters, which is a clear indication that something is wrong, and that damage has likely occurred.

Once the hailstorm passes, you should contact a professional roof repair company right away. They can assess the damage, make recommendations for repair, and give you a complete report that you can give to your home insurance company if you need to file a claim.

The Consequences Of Hail Roof Damage
Storm damage to your roof can range from mild to severe, which often depends on the intensity and duration of the storm. Your roof is the home’s first line of defense against the elements, and that’s why any form of damage should never go ignored.

You might not even realize your roof is damaged by hail until years later when it starts to leak. To prevent this from happening, it’s best to contact a local roof repair service right away so they can locate any type of damage and make repairs before it gets out of control.

When hail hits the shingles on your roof, it can knock off some of the protective granules. As soon as these granules disappear, your roof is officially exposed to things like moisture, snow, and direct sunlight.

If a roof is exposed to the sun without protection, those exposed spots will become weak and brittle. This results in possible leaks that can plague you for years if they’re not fixed as soon as possible.

A roof leak can cause a myriad of problems including damage to your ceiling and walls. It can also cause electrical issues and may even pose the threat of a possible house fire.

Storm Damage To Your Roof And Homeowner’s Insurance
Most homeowners’ insurance policies will cover some or all of the cost to repair a roof after a storm. However, if you see roof damage and ignore it, the policy might not cover any more intense damage in the future.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to maintain your roof and to make any repairs or file a claim as soon as you see the damage. Failing to address the issues as they occur could cause your next claim to be denied.

If you wait until your roof collapses or until the leaks are out of control, you could end up stuck paying the repair bill. Therefore many major insurance carriers have a time limit when it comes to filing a claim. It’s best to contact your insurance company right away once you confirm there is storm damage to your roof.

Each type of storm and every season creates varying degrees and types of roof damage. A professional roof inspector will be able to tell whether the roof damage is new, or if it happened during an earlier time of the year or a previous storm.

Don’t wait to call the pros if you think your roof may have hail damage. The sooner you can contact someone to confirm the problem, the greater the odds are that your insurance claim will be approved.

Another reason not to ignore roof damage is that once it starts, things can “snowball” quickly. Something as minor as a few missing shingles can easily lead to serious leaks and other major problems fast.

Don’t Ignore Your Roof After A Storm
Whether it’s hail or a serious wind storm, you should never ignore roof damage, even if you think it’s minor. The sooner you can confirm there’s damage, the sooner you can make the necessary repairs to protect your property and your wallet.

Contact the best roof repair services near you to confirm the damage and to help you process a claim so that your home can get back to normal.

Hire a Professional to Install New Roofs
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