A Checklist for Home Maintenance During Fall

A Checklist for Home Maintenance During Fall

September 2021 by Heartland Roofing Siding and Windows

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Fall is a great time to maintain your home and get it in shape for the cooler months ahead. With winter just around the corner, you may take advantage of the moderate weather to repair any damages. Here is a checklist for home maintenance ideas this fall.

Exterior Maintenance

  • Inspect the Foundation: Check for any cracks in the foundation and caulk around areas where wires or pipes enter the house, masonry meets siding, and around door and windows frames to prevent heat from escaping. Any opening in the structure will allow water to get in and freeze, causing cracks and mold to build up. A careful inspection of the outside structure during fall following by inexpensive maintenance can save you money in the long term.
  • Inspect Exterior Walls: A quick check on the exterior walls allows you to check whether any paint is blistering or peeling. In that case, the existing paint is failing and can no longer protect the siding of the house. To avoid incurring expensive repairs in the future, correct it during summer and protect the siding from deteriorating.
  • Remove Screens and Install Storm Doors and Windows: As you prepare to store, clean, and repair screens, start by spraying with a protective coating and place them in a dry area of the garage or basement
  • Examine the Roof: Make sure your roof is in good shape by inspecting for loose and missing shingles. Bad weather such as rain, ice, snow, wind, and rapidly changing humidity and temperatures can wreak havoc on roofs. Proactive repairs will keep your roof in good shape and offer safety to your house for longer.
  • Clean out Gutter and Downspouts: Clean any leaves that may have fallen on the gutters and downspouts by flushing them with water. Make sure you inspect joints, tighten any loose brackets, and replace old or damaged gutters.
  • Weather-strip Garage Door: Examine the seal between the ground and the garage door, making sure it is tight to prevent draft or small animals from getting in.
  • Check Your Driveway: A simple inspection of the driveway will identify any cracks and need for cleaning out and repairing. Any repairs made should be coated with a commercial sealer.
  • Inspect the Pool Cover: Take time to examine your pool cover for any damages and need for replacement.

Interior Maintenance

  • Apply Weather Stripping and Caulk: Proper sealing of your interior will save you up to 20% on cooling and heating costs. Proper sealing of the windows and doors will prevent any form of air leaks.
  • Inspect your Fireplace and Woodstove: Ensure your wood stove is in working condition before the cold season hits. Clean and inspect the glass door for cracks, seal the door gasket, and clean the chimney.
  • Hire a Licensed Heating Contractor to Inspect Your Heating System: The contractor will ensure the heating system is functional, and give you peace of mind in the coming winter season.
  • Examine Smoke and Carbon Dioxide Detectors: take the time to test and change the batteries in your detectors, and ensure you have extra household batteries in hand.
  • Change the Ceiling Fan Direction: Changing the direction of the fan will create an upward draft, which will redistribute warm air from the ceiling.
  • Clean the Humidifiers: Humidifiers require regular cleaning during the heating seasons as spores and bacteria can develop if the water tank is dirty, leading to unclean moisture misting out into the house.
  • Vacuum the Air Conditioners Internal Parts: You can prevent rusting of the vital parts by removing units from windows or wrapping the outside box with a plastic air conditioner cover or approved tarp.
  • Inspect Basement Windows: Check for any draft, cracked panes, or loose frame.

Hire Heartland Roofing, Siding, and Windows

With so many components to inspect and repair during the fall, hiring a professional contractor will ensure you do not miss anything. Heartland Roofing, Siding, and Windows, LLC is a trusted licensed general contractor, specializing in roofing, siding, windows, and gutters. Our experienced staff will inspect every aspect of your home, ensuring it is in good condition for the coming cold season.